For a long time we have been immersed and tempted by an unattainable goal of happiness. It had a unique style in the 1940s in medias of print and film and that magic will never be created again.
Martin Rayment is a Berlin born collage artist that appropriates collections of 1940s Hollywood books and forgotten print. He selects and dissects dead photography into retro-futuristic ensembles that use black sludge and crystal motives to depict the corruptive nature of their purpose. He depicts ego-saturated life by merging collage with dark inky growths. These grow and disintegrate, intending to establish motion within the stillness of drawings.

The work is continuously evolving.

He is influenced by Retro-Futurism and the works of René Magritte, Dr Lakra and JG Ballard.

Through this character he explores the idea of what our childhood characters are like when they grow up and encounter adult life. Knobbler has fallen into the dark dimensions of adulthood and he’s enjoying it just a little too much. 






Castle Ruins
- A celebration of Rejection

A curated work at The King Billy with 13 artist that were rejected from The Nottingham Castle Open

Left Lion Cover
November 2016

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Backlit group show
February 2016
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Make to Make
Not for profit community led exhibition
December 2015
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5 Dots
Cobden Chambers
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Nottingham Trent University
Fine Art degree show. July 2013
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"Martin Rayment - Beautiful Destructors"
Bohunk Institute (Solo Show)
September 2013
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The Art House Wakefield,
3 week residency, 2013.