Mechanised Collage

MR ~ Oozing, inky drawings, 2dimensional\sculptural collage & part-improvisational sound, as 1 member of the ‘faceless collaborative project’, Pervert Wasp [termed, ‘experimental doom jazz’\\ hammering audio immersion]; MR’s practice is versatile and his interests diverse. To every surface of his Backllit studio are pinned fragments of images, words, material – thoughts & ideas, ‘whether old movie posters or graphic design…it all encourages internal creative dialogue. When the performance artist Franko B performed at Backlit, he spoke about knocking on the door of the art world and how eventually you CONSUME THE FUCKING DOOR. I believe in creating opportunities’.

Likening his source material to ‘blueprints’ traversing reality and fiction, MR is ‘drawn to discarded or forgotten print media…fonts and graphic design’. Having placed white, laser-cut text onto the walls [the body] of the gallery, ‘it’s as if the text exhaled into the skin of the exhibition’.

MR on ‘X-Moons’: ‘I researched the Backlit archive, finding forgotten visual records - not normally seen by the public. I made these into 10 circular Moons. With the aid of motors these moments would spin rapidly, fragments of time blurring landmark events within a 10-year timescale…The spinning became intermittently weaker and by the end of the opening night the work became static. What do you do when your artwork decides to die? Do you change it, revive it and repair it to satisfy those that didn’t witness the death? Or do you leave it ~ a monument? I experienced the loss of an artwork, which on reflection made it more meaningful. It danced and span for one night and then expired. I accepted this and the remains were still, motionless & not remedied for the sake of the public. The photographic fragments returning to static imagery, same as they never were.